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Nucha is very known and recognized among the Eurovision fans. After her Eurovision experience in 1990, the singer is back to the national selection with a song penned by a Portuguese Eurovision fan and composed by a Greek musician. Oikotimes.com talked with Nucha and shares with you a interesting part of our conversation.


What does the song "Chuva" ("Rain") talk about?
“Chuva” is a song about the fights we give to achieve 100% of personal happiness, our return to what went wrong, our effort to correct it…the water irrigates the fields and makes rivers flow. It’s a song about life in its deepest dimensions, in case someone could ever determine them. Nuno Valério, who wrote the Portuguese lyrics, managed to make it in a way that someone can read even between the lines and I thank him for this.

In 1990 you represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2009 you joined the national selection but failed to win the passport to Moscow, and now you try again with a different tune. This means that you are a Eurovision fan?
I’ve always been interested in watching everything related to the contest. Coming back last year, 19 years after representing my country, was a real interesting experience and as the border between success and failure in music is an issue everyone sees it in his/her own way…I enjoyed watching last year’s ESC next to Daniela’s mother (Flor-de-Lis). I wanted the best possible placement for Portugal in the Eurovision scoreboard as I guess all participating artists wanted too. So, my answer is positive, yes, I am a Festival da Canção fan, yes, I am a Eurovision fan! lol


Tell us how was the experience of working with Marios Gligoris, the Greek composer of the song.
Fantastic! Marios has done a real interesting job and I place him among the best composers I ever worked with. Two weeks in studio and I feel like I learned from his passion in music a lot of things. As “Chuva” was composed by him “on my voice” he knew very well what and how he wanted it.


Why a ballad to Eurovision Song? Is this kind of music something you relate to you at the present time?
Well, we do not consider “Chuva” as a ballad…you have heard only 90 seconds of it…it’s a song that it’s Nucha’s identity in it. The “greek team” (Yannis and Marios) proved that had studied too much all my music life before arriving here with their proposal…hehehe! The moment I heard it I said “Ok guys, I want to sing it!”


What aspects on the song would you point as being "good ingredients" for a song Aimed at the Eurovision Song Contest?
“Chuva” sound! All people will be able to receive the feelings in it no matter if they speak Portuguese or not…and…hehehe…I’m sure that even non Portuguese speaking people will know at least one Portuguese word after listening to it: “Chuva”.


Have you had the chance to hear the other contestant's songs? What do you reckon about them?
Yes, the 90 seconds of all of them. It will be a strong contest this year and I’m honoured to participate among so talented authors, composers and performers. Apparently, there are some songs that sound closer to my taste/style in music but in a contest like this is better to wait to see them performed on stage


Reaching the semifinals at Campo Pequeno, in March, is the closest goal . Do you have any idea on how you would like to present the song on stage?
As I already told you the “greek team” came with a completed, in details, proposal. Portuguese lyrics, English lyrics, presentation for Festival da Canção and even further… It is a team’s work and each of us has his/her role, everything is planned in a way that makes an artist feel the safety to move on with a project. One more important thing…I realized once more how much people out of Portugal love it, they had started working on this in March 2009…


How do you recall your participation in Zagreb at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1990? What was the feeling to be on stage singing for millions of people?
Unforgettable moments! The feeling of being on Eurovision stage representing your own country cannot be described in words. I felt so proud of being Portuguese that night and I carry this feeling all my life.


In 2006 you started working with the Spanish composer, Rafael Artesero, and now you are working with the Greek team. Do you want to start an international career?
Yannis and Marios knew my work and offered me a detailed planned proposal. I accepted it because there was professionalism, spirit, passion and identity in the whole idea! For the time being we’re concentrated on “Chuva” and work hard for the best possible presentation of it in Festival da Canção. This is our goal!


Would you like to leave a message to oikotimes.com and to your fans...?
I’d like to thank oikotimes.com for all the work you’re doing , the publicity you give to all events related to Festival da Canção / Eurovision Song Contest and of course... thank you very much for this interview in the name of everyone in our team.
To my fans…well, we move on together for many years and my career exists only because of them, there’s a strong relationship between us and I believe that “Chuva” will make it even deeper. Thank you!

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